21 May, 2009

Draft Programme for Exhibition in November 2009

Exhibition by Illustrators and Writers of Children’s Books The same exhibition will move from the University of Pretoria to Alliance Francaise in Pretoria. The focus of the exhibition is on how illustrators illustrate and writers write for children.
Each exhibit will introduce an illustrator / explain how he or she works / tell how he or she illustrated or wrote a particular story. The exhibition at the Alliance Francaise will incorporate two days of workshops for school children. Exhibition University of Pretoria 3 November 2009 15:00 Opening of Exhibition Speakers: Thomas van der Walt Marjorie van Heerden 4-10 November 2009 10:00-17:00 Exhibition Exhibition Alliance Francaise 12 November 2009 19:00 Opening of Exhibition 14-27 November 2009 10:00-17:00 Exhibition Confirmed exhibitors Kalle Becker Maryanne and Shayle Bester Paddy Bouma Carol Davies Yvette de Beer Wendy Hartman Jenny Hatton Jenn Hurlin Julia du Plessis Themba Mabaso Rob Owen Louise Prinsloo Marelise Prinsloo Elizabeth Pulles Joan Rankin Maja Sereda Nalini Sooknanan Chantelle Thorne Rozenn Torquebiau Marjorie van Heerden Samantha van Riet Marlene Visser Possible Children’s workshops 17-18 November 2009 10:00-15:00 Workshops for schools Alliance Francaise, Pretoria 17 November: Write and illustrate stories 10:00-11:30 Write and illustrate a story (Grades 8 and 9) Rob Owen 10:00-11:30 Let’s be creative (Grades 3,4) Yvette de Beer 12:00-13:00 Listen to a story (Grades 2, 3) Joan Rankin 14:00-15:00 Listen to a story (Grades 4, 5, 6) Rozenn Torquebiau 18 November: Meet authors and illustrators Maryanne and Shayle Bester, Rob Owen, Themba Mabasa, Elizabeth Pulles, Joan Rankin, Marlene Visser.

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