01 April, 2007

Strength in numbers: An idea to promote South African books

SCBWI Gauteng is in the process of getting a group of writers and illustrators together to co-operate regarding book promotions and visits to schools. Groups of writers and illustrators could:

  1. Launch books together at bookshops.
  2. Talk about their books together in bookshops and libraries.
  3. Ask bookshops to display one another's books.
  4. Visit schools together to give book talks.

Join this venture by writing to SCBWI.Gauteng@mweb.co.za

1 comment:

Marjorie van Heerden said...

Jenny - your blog works very well and is exciting & informative. SCBWI South Africa was very lucky the day you became Assitant Regional Advisor.
from Marjorie van Heerden
co-Regional Advisor of the South African Chapter of SCBWI