27 June, 2007

3rd Conference on South African Children's Literature

Invitation to attend and participate in the 3rd Conference on South African Children's Literature 17-20 September, North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus As was the case with the preceding conferences, this conference is for all who are currently involved or who wish to become involved in the production (e.g. oral storytellers, writers, illustrators, translators, publishers), marketing and distribution (e.g. publishers, agents, book suppliers), mediation (e.g. educators/facilitators, parents, librarians, and the media - newspapers, radios, television) and reception of children’s literature (by toddlers, children and teenagers as listeners to, or readers of children’s stories, poetry, stage productions and films). A special feature of the conference is the addition of a number of writing/authoring/hands-on sessions with the theme “Writing (on) South African Children’s Literature” - practical sessions on the writing of scholarly articles, as well as sessions on writing children’s stories and poems. These sessions will be presented by renowned writers in the field of children’s literature: Prof Maria Nikolajeva (Stockholm, Sweden), author of several academic articles and books as well as fiction, Prof Elwyn Jenkins, author of several articles and books on children’s literature, Prof Osa Osayimwense, editor of the journal African Children’s and Youth Literature (JACYL), and Prof Hans du Plessis, Director of the ATKV School for Creative Writing in Potchefstroom. READ MORE: http://www.puk.ac.za/fakulteite/lettere/klw/index.html Enquiries to: Betsie van der Westhuizen Phone: 018 2991491 E-mail: Betsie.VanDerWesthuizen@nwu.ac.za

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