23 April, 2009

Meet Jaco Jacobs

SCBWI Gauteng thanks the Sandton Library and its staff for once again allowing us to host our event in the auditorium. The picture shows Margaret Houliston and two members of staff paging through some of Jaco Jacobs' books. On 21 April, SCBWI Gauteng, enjoyed finding out about how Jaco Jacobs wrote his first articles, stories and books for children and young people. He described how he began writing and how he was first published. What stood out as he related his experiences was his perception of his work. It isn't work, it's fun! He sees his writing as "fun". His plots are full of "fun" and he wants his readers to have "fun". He talked about where he gets his ideas from for his writing and spoke about how to draw on everyday experiences for inspiration. All in all, the audience loved listening to him as well as learning from him. The picture above shows Rob Owen, an SCBWI Gauteng Committee member, giving him a small token of SCBWI's great appreciation. SCBWI Gauteng is also grateful to Carli Viljoen from Lapa Publishers for bringing Jaco to Johannesburg. Featured with Carli and Jaco, is Bernita Naude on the left.

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