09 May, 2010

A letter from Hans Wilhelm (Writer of children's books)

Dear fellow writer and illustrator: When I started to write and illustrate children’s books some 30 years ago I knew very little about it. I had just arrived to America and had not heard about SCBWI. However, I was fortunate to have met some wonderful successful children’s book authors and illustrators who guided and helped me through my first struggling years. I am deeply grateful to these incredible artists for having shared their knowledge and time with me. Today it is my great pleasure to pass my own experiences and observations on to others in lectures and workshops around the world.
In my recent video conversation with fellow-author Christina Haskins I reflected on stories, the writing and illustrating for children and the changes that have taken place in this field. Aspiring writers and illustrators who have seen this show told me that they found this information helpful. If you feel that this video conversation may also be beneficial to the members of your SCBWI chapter please feel free to pass this email on to them. The video is on: http://vimeo.com/10951585 I also invite you to take a look at my special website: www.ChildrensBooksForever.com where you can find many of my out of print classics now available free of charge. (Also see the article in the SCWI magazine from Sept/Oct 2007) For more information please go to www.hanswilhelm.com Thank you, Sincerely, Hans Hans Wilhelm, Inc. email: hans@hanswilhelm.com www.hanswilhelm.com www.childrensbooksforever.com

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