23 May, 2013

Drawing: The body language of children, people and animals - Joan Rankin

On 9-10 May 2013, we had a fantastic workshop facilitated by Joan Rankin.

Although many of the illustrators present are experienced and widely published, it's so refreshing to get together in this kind of workshop and work on creativity.

We each received a file containing a number of exercises.

On day 1 we drew with pencil and brought in colour on day 2.

We explored facial expression and body language.

We shared and discussed the work.

And worked some more!

Joan inspired us with her "Hat story".

Teresa Truda

Adelle van Zyl

Paddy (Marlene) Visser

We looked at many different techniques on both days and tried them out.

We examined positioning on the page.

Many memorable illustrations were produced.

Although I'm not an illustrator, I was so inspired by this workshop and by being with friends and colleagues.

And in Joan's words ...

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