16 October, 2013

Open Studio: Once upon a puppy

Open Studio (Illustrators or writers open their studios to other interested children's book people. They are great opportunities to network and find out how other people work and create.)

“Once upon a puppy” with Lynn Joffe

Date: 18 October 2013

Time: 10:30

Cost: None (Participants to bring a plate of eats to share for lunch)

Venue: Johannesburg. (Address will be given to respondents)

RSVP: By 14 October to Jenny at SCBWI.SA.Gauteng@mweb.co.za

In 2012, Lynn Joffe published a book called The Tale of Stingray Charles, the first in the Pitterpat series. Unlike most authors, who leave marketing to publishers and booksellers, Lynn advertised this story all over South Africa in an audio-visual form.

Now Lynn has a new show called “Once upon a puppy”, featuring her as the storyteller. Young children participate in a magical, musical collage workshop where they interact and engage with familiar nursery rhymes, learn some new musical stories, and discover that the power of their imagination can be summoned by the magic words, “Alakazam, Alakazing, The Power of Your Mind is a Magical Thing …” Lynn demonstrates, in simple inspirational steps, how to employ the elements of storytelling, engaging the young mind in rhythm, recognition, repetition and retention. The workshop also shows how recycled magazines can be used to collage interesting and individual interpretations of the story, in the form of masks, scenery and musical instruments. At the culmination of the workshop, participants use their decorated instruments and masks to become part of the story itself.

Lynn has agreed to share her presentation and her experiences with writers and illustrators. All are welcome, children and adults, but the latter need to be able to put aside judgement and access the inner child.

You will not only see the show, but have a chance to ask Lynn about her performances, her websites and her interaction with other book-minded people and participation in book-related events.

See more about Lynn and her work at www.alakazam.co.za and www.pitterpat.co.za

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