27 March, 2008

Cape Town Book Fair

Cape Town Book Fair, 2008 The Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA), and the organisers of the Frankfurt (European) Book Fair will be organising the Third International Book Fair in Cape Town, (June 14-17, 2008). SCBWI SA has already been allocated a stand and we are working with the organisers to plan their “Kids Zone” and the Pin Board area like in 2007. We plan to provide the opportunity for children’s book writers and illustrators (SCBWI SA members only) to display their work and to make contact at our stand with representatives from the international and local publishers who will be coming to the Fair. SCBWI will have a critique session a week before the Book Fair to help our writers and illustrators prepare for the Fair and a Get-together after the Book Fair for feedback and generally book talk. Dates will be confirmed and posted on www.scbwi-za-capetown.blogspot.com/ closer to the time. For more on the Cape Town Book Fair, e-mail them at: info@capetownbookfair.co.za or visit their website at: www.capetownbookfair.com or phone: +27 (0)21 418 5493

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