02 December, 2010

Open Studios of 2010

Illustrators and writers visited one another's studios during 2010 and learnt about how different people worked. Each illustrator / writer generously shared individual experiences, knowledge and techniques. This SCBWI project provided an incredible opportunity to learn from one another and helped to weld together a supportive group in Gauteng.

Paddy (Marleen Visser) showed how she works by hand as well as on computer. She talked about some of the paintings in her house and where they've been exhibited.


Julia du Plessis showed how she uses kokis and works by hand. She talked about her work in graphic art and cartooning.


Yvette  de  Beer talked about how she had been influence by a wide range of books, showed her ceramic work and talked about her paintings.

Adelle van Zyl shared some of her technical expertise in using computer programs for illustrations.


Rob Owen talked about some of his experiences as an illustrator and described how he works.


Hazel Cuthbertson described her journey towards working in children's books. She used Molly Bang's book, Colour This, to talk about how size, shape and colour are used in


Joan Rankin showed some of her early as well as later work as an artist and illustrator. She inspired writers and illustrators to continue to be creative and challenge themselves.

Thank you to all these wonderful people for being so welcoming and generous in opening their houses and studios to others.

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